Find your perfect match

Nuzzle is a dating app that brings people together. Meet real people near you, get matched and have fun while chating!

Create profile
Introduce yourself, specify your gender and date of birth. Upload your best photos. Tell us where you study or work, what are your hobbies, how you spend your free time. The more photos you have and the more detailed the description, the more chances someone will like.
Swipe others
Nuzzle shows people around you. If you like the person - swipe to the right, if you don’t like them - to the left. The more often you enter the application, the more profiles you scroll through, the more noticeable you are to others.
Wait for reciprocity
You rate people, people rate you. If you like someone and they’ll like you, then a match is created and you can chat. Put at least 30 likes to expect reciprocity.
Start chatting!
A question, a compliment, a joke - and there you are talking for hours on end. Don’t be afraid to take the first step. Be sincere, polite and respectful to each other, and everything will definitely work out!
There is no one near me 
It happens. Nuzzle may not be popular in your area. You may have already swiped through all people. Try increasing the age range or maximum distance. Or just come back later.
How can I see who liked me? 
You can’t just do it. The point of the application is that you evaluate people in an unbiased way, and they evaluate you impartially. Otherwise there’s no romance.
Something isn’t working right for me 
If you spot a problem, please tell us at [email protected]. We keep an eye on it and fix quickly.
What are the benefits of premium? 
The premium allows you to see those who have already liked you. Paid. But with a little more effort, you can do the same for free.
Let’s download Nuzzle